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Rugged Textiles was born out of need. The Founders were driven to start their own sewing and textiles company because they could find neither the capacity or quality they required in the current Canadian market.

Our mission statement is “To enhance usability through design”. Everything we make, either for our own product lines or for our client’s, is run through our design revision process to ensure it hits the market ready for anything.

From marine protection systems travelling thousands of miles on the earths oceans, to tactical gear that supports the mission in the thick of the fight, we understand it has to work every time, in any and all conditions.

No exceptions.


At Rugged Textiles, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to bring manufacturing back to Canada. Our mission goes beyond simply assembling products to meet “Made in Canada” requirements. We strive to honor the spirit of true Canadian manufacturing by sourcing high-quality materials from vetted Canadian and American companies and utilizing 100% onshore labor. Our workers are paid better-than-fair wages, ensuring the highest levels of product quality through their ownership of processes, outcomes, and the business itself.

We believe in the power of local production and the global competitiveness of Canadian and American craftsmanship. Our conviction is that quality has a cost, and Canadians are increasingly willing to invest in products that will last a lifetime. Consumers are growing tired of planned obsolescence and are ready to support sustainable, durable goods. By buying local, we can reduce environmental damage more effectively than any greenwashing initiative, making a real impact on our planet.


In 2019, Rugged Textiles embarked on a journey to create the best products we could, without relying on offshore materials and manufacturing. Our tactical product lines, driven by our backgrounds as ex-soldiers and law enforcement, highlighted the critical importance of high-quality gear for mission success. We couldn’t compromise on safety for the sake of saving a few dollars or being financially viable if it meant risking lives.

With this resolve, we gathered like-minded individuals, invested in a few sewing machines, and collaborated with other companies on shared workspaces. We began building the products we once imported from China, right here in Canada. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, with no compromises for convenience or profit. We believe our customers care deeply about where their products come from and want to support locally made goods.

By investing in Canadian workers, we are investing in Canadian families, and Canadian families are the backbone of our nation. Our customers understand that buying local means reducing the carbon footprint and supporting the lowest possible environmental impact.